Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall – 1971 (Dawson City)

The oldest casino in Canada, Gertie’s has been around since the ’70s. It is known not only for its saloon-themed venue but also because it was named after one of Dawson City’s most famous dancers from back then–a woman who inspired a vaudeville show put on every day at this historic site!

Gertie’s diamond-tooth gambling hall is open all week, from May to September. You can place wagers and alcohol in the same room as Gold Rush Girls performing high kicks alongside Klondike queen herself! There are three shows per night with blackjack, poker or roulette being available alongside 60+ slot machines at this historic site preservation fund-driven casino that also promotes events production & promotion of our lovely Yukon region.

Cash Casino – 1980 (Calgary)

Cash Casino – 1980 (Calgary)

What started as a place for charitable events and games with agricultural agendas has become one of Calgary’s most popular casinos. The venue, now called Cash Casino, can be found at 100 Random Passage Way NW, which hosts 500 slot machines open from noon until 3 am daily!

Calgary’s casinos are a great place to spend money if you’re looking for an exciting night out. The Blackjack Beauties will keep everyone entertained with their magic tricks and singing while poker tournaments happen weekly at Nevada Poker Room! There is also plenty more than just gaming within these walls; two restaurants serve up gourmet food options alongside drinks from local breweries or bars inside them, too- making it easy as can be when deciding what kind Bud Light should buy after playing some slots (or whatever else strikes one’s fancy). I’m right outside grabbing another beer before heading into club land.

Treasure Cove casino – 1986 (Prince George)

The Treasure Cove Casino is a gorgeous 37,000-square-foot venue designed with the Tuscan theme in an impressive architectural complex. The casino offers nearly 700 bingo seats and 500 slot machines, as well as a table pit for playing Texas Hold ’em poker or roulette, among other games!

Cash Casino – 1980 (Calgary)

Treasure Cove is a haven for gamblers with its 5,500 square-foot show lounge can seat 180 people and host stand-up comedy or similar events. The casino is expanding its space by 800 seats, turning it into an amazing concert hall! Patrons can sign up on Encore rewards cards which gives them points they redeem at slot machines & tables inside the venue.

Billy Barker Casino – 1987 (Quesnel)

Find yourself in the heart of historic Quesnel with its luxurious paddlewheel ship exterior design, named after a miner who founded Barkerville. The Billy Barker Casino is family-owned and has grown from one symbol to representing charity (and more).

The establishment is an oasis for luxury spa-goers. The lobby, lounge and restaurant have been renovated to accommodate high rollers with all new amenities, including slot machines in our gaming room or roulette tables outside on the patio if you’re looking specifically at this part of things! We also offer hotels here, so feel free to stop by next time your travels bring about some wanderlust – we know that’s probably why most people come here anyway, right? For meeting spaces, though, please consult their website because I’m afraid there isn’t any more space left inside where it counts 😉

Cowboys casino – 1988 (Calgary)

Cowboys Casino is a Calgary casino that has been around since 1988. The place’s name might give it away – they are all about cowboys and their horses. This large gambling venue can be found in trendy Victoria Park near downtown with 96000 square feet spread over three floors filled up entirely by games like blackjack or roulette!

The Cowboys Casino is one of Calgary’s most popular gaming locations. It offers 33 poker tables and 7 different games, over 350 slot machines, and a high-limit room for those who want to take their chances with the dealers all night long! Sports lovers will enjoy playing on our 24/7 massage service, while others can choose from Texas Hold ’em or Omaha beaches – whatever suits them best; we’ve got it covered here at CowboyLandia! The bar inside this giant building has something unique about itself; whether you’re looking for food after an exciting game OR need some liquid courage before heading off into battle outside again (I hope), there are tons of bars to visit.

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Canada is a land of opportunity for gamblers. Canada always has something worth gambling at, from bustling cities to wide open spaces! That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this country boasts so many casinos now – dozens within easy driving distance from any city or town. In mint, conditioner pack your bags because you’re about to make some serious money while enjoying unbeatable scenery.