Queen of the Crystal Rays Slot Review

Microgaming’s latest releases are always exciting, and their newest game is no exception. Queen of the Crystal Ray features amazing graphics with an enchanting theme that will have you glued to your device as it clues players into striving for more wins by unravelling stunning crystal rays to capture The Queen’s power-packed mysticalness! As if this isn’t enough already you can even play through her eyes while waiting patiently until she unleashes what makes them great: Her beauty!!!

Queen of the Crystal Rays Gameplay

The slot machine is an easy-to-play, exciting game with high payouts and no risk. You can start betting as little at $0.20 up until you’re risking 50 per spin!

Crystal Ray

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to win big, look no further than playing slot machines! The jackpot earnings can get as high as 2597.45 credits on the low end or up 9 figures with 129k+ if that’s what your preference dictates; it’s all available in 0.01 coins per spin, which means 5000 will give us enough room during gameplay (unless someone else wants more).

This game has a unique system that pays you for winning consecutive matches. In other words, if similar symbols appear next to each other on the reels, then it will reward them with money!

The game includes a variety of symbols that can be stacked on top of one another for more chances of winning. multipliers and wilds also appear throughout the bonus rounds, giving you even better odds to grab your prize!

Crystal Ray

The crystal ray is an amazing feature that can randomly trigger during any base game spin. If you are lucky enough to land this special reward, your gameplay will shift automatically into double-up pay lines at 50 positions instead of 25! More rewards come out as well–with each activated symbol being replaced by two others which may themselves offer payments or bonuses depending on their values (such as 2X multipliers). You’ll also receive ×2 wilds Appearing Out Of Nowhere.

Crystal Ray

Queen of the Crystal Rays Bonus

The reels will expand and give you coins when they’re covered with rays. The number of prizes won is multiplied by the bonus bet multiplier, which can go up to 5X!

Game Symbols

Queen of the Crystal Rays slot comes equipped with two types of symbols, those that appear in your paytable and special ones. The following is an overview of each: Paytable Symbols: These are what you’ll find when checking out all available options at a casino or online platform, such as Free slots games without any downloads needed! This includes commoners like oranges (high-value), diamonds(medium)and grapes/plums, which can be found throughout most titles–they’re not exclusive to QOR, though; they appear on other popular game plates, too including 3D fruit machines where their value ranges between 10p per line up.

  • Queen of Crystal- for each spin, it pays up to 2.5 times
  • Cauldron- wins you up to 1.00 per spin
  • Chalice- a drinking glass that pays up to 1.00 for each spin
  • Treasure Chest- pays up to 1.00 per spin
  • Purple, Red, Green and Blue Gems- pay up to 0.75 per spin

The special symbols include:

  • Wild symbol- It can replace all paying symbols
  • Scatter symbol- This adds up as the symbol with the highest reward. You can get a bonus by obtaining 3, 4, 5, or 6.
  • 2x- this is a wild multiplier which replaces other symbols. It doubles a win if it is placed in a pay line.

Queen of the Crystal Rays on Mobile

The Queen has many powers that you can use to protect your kingdom from enemies. She is always there for you, no matter where life takes her!


The Queen of the Crystal Rays slot machine is a must-play for anyone who wants to win big. With an RTP percentage of 96%, this game offers rewarding bonus features that will help you score major points with your bankroll! You can start playing on minimum bets as low as $0.20 up until maximums ranging anywhere between 50 cents and five dollars per spin – which means there are plenty opportunities right away if you’re looking just before starting small again like I did last time.